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We are committed to supporting our students from the moment they arrive

Our programmes are designed to support the development of students, personally as well as academically. Travelling to a different country is an eye-opening and often new experience for many children and we provide the support in order to make sure that they are happy and safe while studying with us.


We have a dedicated team available to guide students. Our staff regularly check-in with students to ensure that they are enjoying their stay and this, along with initial feedback forms and close contact with teachers & hosts makes us aware of any problems as they arise.

First days

On their first day students are given an induction which includes details about their course, activity programme, accommodation, school rules and how to be safe while in Jersey. They are provided with the details of the different staff members so they know who they can speak to regarding lessons, accommodation, activities and well-being. We also ensure all students are given identification cards with details of their accommodation and our 24 hour emergency support numbers.

Student supervision

During the school day students are supervised by our teachers and activity staff, while at home our homestay providers and residence staff act ‘in-loco parentis’ – taking on parental responsibilities.

Pre-teen students staying in homestay are brought to school each day by private bus and teenage students in homestay/residence are provided with a public bus pass (if not within walking distance of the study centre). Although older students have the freedom to travel on public buses unsupervised, at certain times during the summer, such as on Monday mornings and activity evenings, we also have staff located in the main town of St Helier, assisting students catching public buses and providing support if needed.

Teenage students are allowed some unsupervised free time outside school hours which varies depending on their age. In such cases clear curfews and guidelines are in place to ensure that students and accommodation providers understand the parameters. Pre-teens however are not usually allowed out unsupervised, unless within the close vicinity of the homestay, at the discretion of the host.

In accordance with British Council regulations, all of our staff and hosts are DBS and reference checked and visits to homestays are regularly carried out by our Student Services department.



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