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Please note: Early sign-up is essential if you would like to host juniors. DBS checks can take us to 6 weeks to be processed.

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Fill your home with a new energy by hosting junior students

Hosting junior students can be a rewarding experience for you and your family, not to mention the students. Young students bring energy into the home and by engaging and embracing different perspectives you and your family can benefit. Seeing how students develop throughout their stay, can also be rewarding to see, as they build in confidence, settle in and improve their language skills.

Key facts about hosting junior students

  • Times of year for hosting: Our junior programmes run during European school holiday periods (8th April – 3rd May, 17th June – 30th August, 21st October – 1st November 2024), however we also have school groups who come for 4 or 5 nights in the spring and autumn (from 25th March 2024).
  • Age range: Our pre-teen programme is for students aged 12 years old and our teenage programme is for students between 13-17 years old (average age of 15 years in 2023).
  • Payment: Depending on the time of year, rates vary. For certain weeks in July, you can earn over £950 by hosting two juniors in a shared room for 14 nights and providing you have enough space, you can host up to 4 children per household. Hosting more than one student provides more company for students, often making it more enjoyable for students and hosts. *Hosting income is tax-free up to £10,000 p.a. View all hosting rates >
  • Nationalities: French, Spanish, German, Italian (4 most common in 2023).
  • Course duration: The average length of stay for junior students is one or two weeks at a time, however can occasionally be up to six weeks, depending on their age.
  • Board: You are required to provide a comfortable bedroom for students along with continental breakfast, packed lunch to take to school and dinner eaten with family members. Up to three students can be placed in twin/bunk rooms, with a maximum of four students per home.
  • Transfers: Students usually arrive and depart at the weekend and you will need to pick them up and drop them off from the harbour or airport.
  • Study & activity programmes: During the week, junior students have a full study & activity schedule arranged starting at 9:00 or 9:15 and they will not return to your home until after 16:30 every day. In the summer, we organise a wide range of evening and weekend activities for teenage students. Pre-teen students have a weekly BBQ evening but otherwise shouldn’t go out in the evenings or weekends without you.
  • Transport: Teenage students are given public bus passes so they can travel independently to school and the activities. Pre-teen students are taken to and from school every with our private minibus.
  • Location of hosts: Our hosts are located all over the island. During the summer, teenagers either attend our programme at Highlands College in St Helier of the main school in St Aubin (depending on their course) which makes hosting possible from any Parish.
  • Safeguarding: You should welcome students as members of your family and show concern for their welfare, safety and security during their stay, in line with our school safeguarding policy.
  • Support: Advice & guidance is available from our Student Services team throughout weekday working hours and an out of hours emergency phone support line is also provided.


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