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Please note: Early sign-up is essential if you would like to host juniors to ensure that DBS checks have time to be processed in advance of hosting. In this case we recommend you applying to host 6 weeks prior to the desired hosting period.

Choose to host adults or juniors during or outside of the summer

Adult and junior rates vary, along with different rates at different times of the year. As the summer is our busiest time, we usually expect hosts to host some weeks during this period, if hosting at other times of the year is also desired. You can earn up to £1,456 for 14 nights in the summer by hosting up to four students at one time (maximum 2 per room) and we also offer a bonus for hosting juniors exclusively with us over the summer months.


JuniorsSummer (29th May – 4th Sept)Rest of year
Juniors (under 18 years)
(shared room, full board)
School & uni group pupils (full board)
» Groups accompanied by their teachers 2/3 per room
» Stays of 4-14 nights out of summer period
  • Junior single supplement (outside of summer only) – an extra £20 per week
AdultsSummer (1st May – 2nd Oct)Rest of year
Short stay adults & group leaders
1 – 7 week stays (single room, half board)
Short stay adults (18 years and over) & group leaders
1 – 7 week stays 
(shared room, half board)
Long stay winter adults (out of summer)
8+ weeks (single room, half board)


If you host juniors exclusively with us for a minimum of 8 weeks from June – August we will give you an extra £100 bonus at the end of the summer, as a special thank you!

* Income from providing homestay accommodation is taxable and should be declared on your annual tax form.