Hosting adult students

Open your door to the world and make new friendships

Hosting adult students can be an insightful experience, as you and your family will be introduced to new cultures and languages and can share experiences from around the world. Many hosts form friendships with students and keep in contact once they have returned home.

Key facts about hosting adult students

  • Times of year for hosting: Adult students study at St Brelade’s College from the spring through to the autumn (1st April – 1st November 2024).
  • Age range: Our adult programme is for students between 18-60+ years old (average age of 46 years in 2023).
  • Payment: Depending on the time of year, rates vary. In the summer, you can earn £476 from hosting one adult for 14 nights. *Hosting income is tax-free up to £10,000 p.a. View all hosting rates >
  • Nationalities: German, French, Swiss, Italian (4 most common in 2023).
  • Course duration: The length of stay for adult students is usually one or two weeks, however can occasionally be a few months at a time.
  • Board: You are required to provide a comfortable single room for students or double room for couples, along with continental breakfast & dinner. Adult students are required to buy their own lunches.
  • Transfers: Students usually arrive and depart at the weekend and you need to pick them up and drop them off from the harbour or airport.
  • Study & activity programmes: During the week, students attend different English programmes, all starting at 9:00. Depending on the time of year, we offer excursions on different afternoons (students may return to their homestay on free afternoons). We also arrange a weekly pub evening and a dinner at a local restaurant for students.
  • Transport: The school provides public bus passes for students throughout the year. Depending on the location of the weekly student dinner, we may also provide transport from designated points.
  • Location of hosts: Our hosts are located all over the island.
  • Safeguarding: You should welcome students as members of your family and show concern for their welfare, safety and security during their stay, in line with our school safeguarding policy.
  • Support: Advice & guidance is available from our Student Services team throughout weekday working hours and an out of hours emergency phone support line is also provided.


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