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Pruebe su inglés y conozca su nivel aproximado desde ahora

La siguiente prueba de gramática inglesa comprende 40 preguntas múltiples y le recomendamos que se tome alrededor de 15 minutos para contestar todas las preguntas. Una vez finalizado descubrirá cuántas respondió correctamente, junto con su nivel aproximado de inglés.


1. How __ are you?
2. Are you German?
3. What kind of food do you like best?
4. __ are your hobbies?
5. Look at that __
6. Africa is hotter __ Europe.
7. I __ like tea.
8. I am going to Paris __ .
9. Look at that boat __ .
10. __ people were at the party?
11. We __ a TV programme about nature.
12. We have some oranges but we don’t have __ apples.
13. What time __ arrive at work?
14. He __ return from school at around 4pm.
15. Next weekend, I hope __ a new car.
16. August is usually the __ month in Jersey.
17. I haven’t been to the shop __ .
18. He was __ fall asleep when the phone rang.
19. When I lived in Florence, I __ visiting the galleries.
20. Tokyo is __ a big place, it’s easy to get lost.
21. If we __ start caring more about the planet, it will become very polluted.
22. The friends gave __ presents for Christmas.
23. I must congratulate you __ your success.
24. The __ interesting part of the training session was the group exercises.
25. I wish I __ go travelling around the world.
26. I __ lived in the same house my whole life.
27. We are about to __ for work.
28. By the end of this week, they __ visited the main sights of San Francisco.
29. I’ll never forget __ her for the first time.
30. I’d __ to help with the translation, if my German was better.
31. I'd __ this whole thing had never happened.
32. He’s __ working at night so he sometimes falls asleep.
33. She bought the diamond necklace. She __ bought the ring.
34. If you hurry, you __ still catch the bus.
35. She made an arrangement with her employer __ she worked flexible hours.
36. __ working through the night, she completed her dissertation on time.
37. I acquired a strong French accent, __ I was on holiday in the south of France.
38. "What happened to your finger?" "I __ when I was chopping tomatoes."
39. If I __ had enough money, I would have gone to Australia.
40. Katie looked very tired because she __ the trombone for so long.


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