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For providers of homestay accommodation for international students

English UK Code of Practice

  • To encourage the student to speak English as much as possible in our home.
  • To encourage the student to feel at home and to treat him/her as a member of the family rather than a paying guest.
  • Not to host another student of the same native language at the same time unless by special arrangement with St Brelade’s College.
  • To provide a clean and comfortable student room.
  • To provide a home environment in which it is possible for the student to carry on his/her English studies.
  • To provide the student with a balanced and appropriate diet.
  • To show concern for the welfare, safety and security of the student during his/her stay.
  • To give the student reasonable and regular access to bathroom and laundry facilities.
  • To maintain a close liaison with St Brelade’s College and so be in a position to help resolve any problems that the student may encounter during his/her stay.

Children (Jersey) Law 2002

The following people are NOT allowed to accommodate children:

  • Anyone who has had a child removed from his/her care by order of court.
  • Anyone who has been convicted of an offence against a child.
  • Anyone who has had an order made against him or her refusing or cancelling Registration under the Day Care of Children (Jersey) Law 2002 or the Children (Jersey) Law 1969.
  • Anyone who has been disqualified from acting as a foster parent.


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