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Test your English and find out your approximate level now

The following English grammar test comprises 40 multiple choice questions and we recommend that you take around 15 minutes to answer all questions. Once completed you will find out how many you answered correctly, along with your approximate English level.

Multiple choice test

1. I __ 30 years old.
2. We __ 2 brothers.
3. My father visited __ last week.
4. __ her favourite sport?
5. __ you live with your mother?
6. He´s my brother. He´s my parent´s __ .
7. Please turn __ the light.
8. The cafe is cheap but the restaurant is __ .
9. We __ to the theatre.
10. Where __ on holiday last summer?
11. My father is __ artist.
12. When I was in Wales I __ some old friends.
13. Do you have any sugar? I can't see __ .
14. She has __ companies 3 times this year.
15. I __ a doctor for 20 years.
16. If you feel ill, you __ go home.
17. I __ feel unhappy if we moved.
18. He was not home, so I __ again tomorrow.
19. We are __ a football match in the pub.
20. Men don't drive as carefully __ women.
21. I think you __ join us.
22. It __ as if it's going to rain in a while.
23. I __ a great time so far.
24. Do you think __ meet us at 5pm?
25. The prices of CDs online are different __ the prices in local shops.
26. Can you __ a holiday brochure at the travel agent for me?
27. Who __ the most pairs of shoes?
28. We waited in the waiting room for an hour and __ they called my name.
29. They were friends when they were young but don't __ any more.
30. She has been __ late a lot and is likely to get a bonus.
31. He had a smart suit on and was __-shaven.
32. We are taking a first aid kit on holiday, __ there is an accident.
33. The seller turned __ the offer on the house.
34. This time next week, we __ in a 5* hotel.
35. The tailor __ the trousers, as the waist was too large.
36. She __ her way up from tea girl to producer in just 4 years.
37. The worst thing __ the city is the rubbish.
38. Our visit to Jersey, was an __ experience, we hope to go back soon.
39. I have just been shopping, I hope my bank account is not __ .
40. My friend lost my book but she insisted __ buying me a new one.