The Jersey Way to Cure Problems resources are suitable for English learners of an intermediate or higher level

Jersey has always had lots of interesting ways to ward off illness and other problems. I expect that your country will have similar ‘old wives’ tales’. Some of these have later proved to be effective, but more because of the ingredients in the remedies.

Perhaps they worked because it was a case of ‘mind over matter’ and they had a placebo effect. Let’s have a look at some of the Jersey ideas.


This snail belongs to the family of molluscs. France has a history of eating snails in garlic butter. Perhaps they are common in your country too. I have lots of snails in my garden.

In Jersey, coughs were cured by snail syrup. To make it you had to remove the snails from their shells, very gently, put them into a muslin bag of brown sugar and hang the bag on the wall. The syrup that dripped out was to be taken 4 times a day- and the cough disappeared quickly.

Cow dung

These were effective for burns or inflammation. You needed enough to cover the wound and then had to leave it on overnight. In the morning the swelling had disappeared. I expect it would be a good idea to have a friend who was a farmer!

Raw meat

Nobody likes warts. In Jersey they were removed by stealing a little piece of raw meat from the butcher, rubbing it on the warts, and then you had to throw it over your shoulder. The warts disappeared. In Scotland, they rub a snail on the wart and it also disappears.


Nettles grow everywhere. They sting and make you very itchy.
The tea is easy to make. You need to collect the tops and find a non- aluminium pan to put them in. Boil and then simmer for 30 minutes. The tea is a cure-all.
It is used to be drunk or rubbed in like a cream. It can make you feel better if you are depressed at the end of the winter.