The Good & bad luck resources are suitable for English learners of an intermediate or higher level.

Find out about some of Jersey’s traditions from the past.


  • If you were afraid of witches, what could you do? In Jersey the answer was to carry an acorn around in your pocket. Or you could put some mercury/quicksilver in a locket and wear it around your neck.
  • If you had already been bewitched it wasn’t a big problem. All you needed was to say a counter charm while sticking new nails or pins in an animal heart.
  • Spiders were friends of housewives. Every cobweb seen meant a kiss from your beloved, so it was not a good idea to be too fussy about housework.
  • Everyone thinks that walking under ladders brings bad luck. If you are having a bad day, and you see a ladder, spit through the rungs and the bad luck will disappear.
  • Putting your socks on inside out brings good luck, but only if you don’t turn them back when you notice your mistake.
  • Fog is always a feature of travel in Jersey. If you don’t want to be delayed when going on holiday, ask a friend to throw an old shoe after you. This will ensure you have a Bon Voyage.
  • The Jersey cow is a good indicator of weather. Whether she is wearing her coat, or not, she will indicate rain if she is licking her back hoof. If all of the cows are lying down on their right sides, rush home to take in your washing!
  • Take note of the weather during the first 12 days of January. For example, if the 6th January is wet, expect a wet June. If the weather brightens up in the afternoon- the second part of the month will be good.
  • If you worry about the evil eye, there is one more thing you can do to keep yourself safe. Take your house key and heat it until it is red hot. This will stop any problems from entering your home.