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For all students under 18 who are studying at St Brelade’s College in 2021

To confirm your booking, please review our general terms & conditions and complete the parental consent form below. 

The school has a legal duty of care to look after under 18s safely. Our below policies detail what you should expect regarding your child’s stay in Jersey.

1. Course & accommodation fees

  • Tuition and use of class materials
  • 2 – 5 afternoon activities per week (Monday to Friday) depending on the course chosen
  • 1 – 3 evening activities (depending on season & course chosen). Extra weekend activities included in summer during peak times.
  • Single or shared room (twin or triple)
  • Use of all linen and towels etc (please bring beach towels)
  • 3 meals per day
  • Transport to and from school each day (unless staying within walking distance)
  • Airport/harbour transfers
  • Light laundry once per week for stays of 2 weeks or more
  • Travel costs to Jersey
  • Personal insurance
  • Pocket money
  • Entrance fees for extra evening and weekend activities not included in the programme
  • Transport for evening/weekend activities (except in summer when free bus travel is provided for teenagers)
  • Residence students must pay a 20€/£20 refundable cash deposit upon arrival
  • Specific dietary requirements, catering for intolerances, allergies or religious restrictions may incur an additional charge of £20 per week if staying in homestay or residence

A £150 deposit is required to confirm the course. Thereafter, all fees must be paid in full at least three weeks prior to arrival. St Brelade’s College reserves the right to refuse to provide services to students if the course fees have not been paid.

The following cancellation terms apply for all bookings taking place in 2021:

  • Students may cancel their course for any reason up to two weeks before travel for a full refund or credit voucher.
  • If a student develops Covid-19 symptoms any time before travel they should not travel and may apply to the school for a full course fee refund.
  • In the event that a student must isolate in Jersey for any reason the school will arrange for them to complete their course online however there is no option for a course fee refund.

2. Classes

  • Maximum class size: 14 students
  • At the discretion of the school principal, students one year outside of the recommended age range may occasionally be accepted on the junior courses.
  • Where possible students are grouped in classes according to their age and English level. This may result in some classes at times being predominantly of the same nationality.
  • Students aged 16 and over may occasionally be placed in an adult class if their level of English is too high or too low for existing teenage classes.
  • We do not recommend semi intensive or intensive courses for teenagers unless they are really motivated to take afternoon classes.
  • If a student wishes to change course after arrival, they will need permission from their parents. We cannot guarantee that it will be possible immediately and we do not provide any refund for the difference in course price.

During the summer there are two centres. Please note that there may be occasions when the school has to use classrooms at other locations. At other times of year all junior and adult students study at our main school, St Brelade’s College.

St Brelade’s College

  • All junior courses outside summer (10-17 years). Kids holiday courses (10 – 13 years) & intensive courses (16 & 17 years) during the summer.
  • Located in St Aubin
  • Different transport options are available to take students in homestay to and from school throughout the year (if not within walking distance):
    • 10 – 13 years take a school bus
    • 14 – 17 years on junior programmes outside summer take a school bus or public bus
    • 16 & 17 years on intensive courses during the summer receive a public bus pass

Highlands College

  • Holiday, semi-intensive & semi-combination courses, ages 14 – 17 years
  • From June to August
  • Close to St Helier
  • Students not within walking distance of the school will receive a free public bus pass in order to travel to school each day.

3. Accommodation

Homestay/residence accommodation fees are payable by the week. Extra nights may be accepted by prior arrangement at an extra fee. We request students arrive Saturday or Sunday and depart Saturday. Sunday departures are only accepted by prior arrangement and may incur an extra fee in addition to any extra nights payable.

Homestay providers include families, couples, individuals, single parents and retired people. Hosts are expected to include students as full members of their household. This includes eating most evening meals together and giving students use of most of the household common areas. However, hosts are not obliged to organise any supervised leisure activities outside of their normal routine. Hosts provide breakfast, dinner and a packed lunch, plus use of linen and towels and a light laundry once a week for stays of two weeks or more. Students should not return to their homestay before 16:30 Monday – Friday. Most homestay providers share a bathroom with their students. Students are expected to adapt to the way of life of their homestay which will vary depending on the individual routine of the host.

  • Outside of summer, students aged 10 to 12 will only be accepted on a course if they stay in a homestay with a friend or relative of a similar age or if they are staying privately with their parents/guardians. We do not accept students aged 10 to 12 to stay alone in homestay.
  • During the summer, students aged 12 may be accepted on a course without a friend or relative of a similar age, but parents/guardians must still accept that the school may place the student with another student of the same nationality and a similar age.
  • Wherever possible 13 year olds will not be placed with another student of the same nationality, however during peak periods parents/guardians must accept that the school may place the student with another student of the same nationality.
  • All other ages will not be placed with same nationality unless requested. Students will normally share a bedroom with another student of a similar age who is also attending the school, though there may be occasions when students are placed in a single room in homestay.

At peak periods, homestays may be located all around the island. Students may ask to be in a particular location, but the school cannot guarantee that this will be possible.

The school provides a school bus for students staying in homestay to collect students in the morning and to take them home at the end of the day or will alternatively provide free public bus travel (for teenagers in summer and at times outside of summer). The location of the bus stops is normally around 5 to 10 minutes walk from the homestay but in some cases students may have to walk for up to 20 minutes to the location of the bus stop. In most cases students should expect to spend around 30 minutes on the school bus, although in some cases the scheduled journey time may be up to 1 hour.

If a student wishes to change or cancel their homestay after arrival, they must have a valid reason i.e. that the homestay has not met the standards set out in our guidelines. Students must speak to Student Services first to give a full account of the issue and if it is felt that it a small problem or misunderstanding which can be resolved without moving the student then the school reserves the right to do so. However, in the case where it can be demonstrated that the accommodation is not acceptable then the school will move the student. In all other cases, if students wish to move or cancel students they will be required to give a notice period of one week, with payment for this period.

St Brelade’s College offers residence accommodation located near to the main town, St Helier. All three residences are used exclusively for St Brelade’s College students. Students are accommodated 2 or 3 per room, with staff living on site. Teenagers at the summer residences are expected to adhere to the same guidelines as those in homestay. A member of staff from the residence will be available at all times and is responsible for ensuring that students return to the residence on time in the evenings. However, as with students in homestay, residence staff cannot be responsible for monitoring students at all times.

4. Supervision

  • Students are supervised at all times during the school day (1 teacher per 10 – 15 students) and have their own activity programme.
  • Students must walk without their hosts to and from their nearest bus stop to catch the St Brelade’s College school bus before and after school.
  • After school and at weekends students stay with their homestay providers, except when they have evening activities supervised by St Brelade’s College and transport is provided by the host.
  • Kids are not allowed to take a public bus or leave the vicinity of the homestay in the evening. Within the vicinity of the homestay, they may be allowed to go out at the discretion of their host, but must return by 21:00. Under certain conditions, they may be allowed to participate in certain evening activities at the discretion of the host i.e. with an older student and with transport provided by the host. In such cases, hosts are advised to seek permission from the student’s parents/guardians first.
  • Students may be given some ‘free time’ while staying with their homestay in line with the school policy on hosting this age group. This could include time alone in their bedroom while the host is on the premises or short periods of unsupervised time e.g. to go shopping.
  • Students must make their own way to and from school each day. This includes walking to the nearest bus stop and catching a private or public bus.
  • Students are allowed out in the evenings in line with our school curfew policy below. Although the school provides some supervised evening activities we cannot enforce student attendance. Students may need to take public transport to go out in the evenings. Students are allowed to go out in the evenings providing they return by the following times:
    • 13 years: 21:30 (only if attending school activities)
    • 14-15 years: 22:30
    • 16-17 years: 23:00
  • All the optional evening and weekend activities are supervised by St Brelade’s College staff, and there are also staff in St Helier on most evenings during the summer to provide assistance as necessary. We advise students to stay in pairs or groups at all times, and to call their host or the school 24 hour emergency number if they experience any problems.
  • Students under 16 must attend the afternoon activities unless they have their parent’s/guardian’s permission not to. Students aged 16 and above may miss activities occasionally e.g. to go shopping, at the discretion of the Centre Manager. Students are not allowed to return to their homestay/residence during the day except under special circumstances with the permission of their host/residence manager.
  • Neither the school nor the accommodation provider are responsible for monitoring students at all times. Such times include weekends during the day or weekdays during lunchtimes. Parents/guardians should not expect the school or the accommodation provider to make their children stay at home every evening. 

On arrival at the harbour or airport, the student will be met by their homestay or residence representative.

There may be occasions when the person due to collect the student is not present at the time of arrival. If the student is 16 years and above and is travelling alone, we advise the student to call the school emergency line to arrange an immediate collection. If the student is under 16 years old and is travelling with a chaperone, the chaperone will wait with the student until they are collected.

5. Student behaviour

The school rules apply to all students taking junior courses:

  • Students must follow the homestay rules.
  • Students must return home on time in the evenings. They should always phone their host/residence manager if they are going to be late home.
  • Students must not go to the beach after dark.
  • Students must not drink alcohol, or buy it for themself or anyone else. They must not buy or take drugs.
  • Students should refuse a drink from anyone they don’t know – it may contain illegal substances. If anyone they do not know offers them a drink they should inform someone from the school immediately.
  • If students see another student who is drunk or has had an accident and needs help, they should call the St Brelade’s College emergency number and in serious circumstances call an ambulance or the police on 112 or 999. They should not leave them alone.

The school does not tolerate mental or physical abuse of any sort. Any report of abusive behaviour will be investigated by the school Student Services and/or Principal. In instances where the behaviour is deemed to be sufficiently severe the school reserves the right to send students home at their discretion.

The school reserves the right to administer discipline as it sees appropriate. For minor offences this may result in exclusion from activities. In more serious cases such as shoplifting or being found in possession of another person’s property without their consent students may face criminal charges and/or be sent home. An interview with the Principal may be required for students who break homestay rules and parents/guardians will also be informed. In the most serious cases e.g. alcohol/drug abuse, parents/guardians will be informed and students may be sent home (at their parents’/guardians’ expense). If students require out of hours assistance due to excessive alcohol consumption, the school reserves the right to charge expenses.

6. Other

In the form below, parents/guardians must report any physical or mental illness, allergy, disability or condition that may interfere with their ability to successfully carry out their programme, that may impact the health or well being of any other student/staff member, that may require monitoring, treatment or emergency intervention during the student’s stay. St Brelade’s College reserves the right to refuse an applicant or terminate their enrolment if their participation represents a risk to their own health and safety and well-being or to the health and safety and well-being of other students or staff. In this event, no refund will be given and all costs of repatriation will be the responsibility of the parents/guardians.

Parents/guardians must also provide their contact details in case of emergency. In the event of an accident or emergency the school will take responsibility for ensuring that the student receives the correct treatment and will contact the parents/guardians as necessary.

Students are advised that Jersey does not offer free emergency medical treatment for many countries and they may be required to pay for any medical treatment.

For more information on which countries Jersey does have reciprocal healthcare agreements with, go to www.gov.je For non-urgent medical problems, an appointment with a doctor may be required, and students will be expected to pay the doctors fees (around £50 to £60).

St Brelade’s College has some wheelchair accessible areas and facilities, however some aspects of the programme e.g. transportation may require extra organisation. We recommend students requiring wheelchair access contact us to discuss their needs before booking.

Students are strongly advised to take out travel insurance prior to travel to cover emergency medical expenses, travel costs and personal belongings etc. Special insurance for language course students can be purchased from some insurance providers.

St Brelade’s College will attempt to resolve any complaints quickly and fairly. In such an event, students should explain their cause for complaint as soon as is practicably possible to the Principal. Where it can be proven that the grounds for complaint are just, the school will attempt to rectify the problem immediately.

St Brelade’s College, its staff and representatives accept no liability for loss, damage or injury to property or persons, except where liability is expressly imposed by law. St Brelade’s College will not be liable in the event that any service contracted to be supplied by us becomes impossible to supply for any reason outside our control.

St Brelade’s College reserves the right to use photographs or videos taken during courses in the school’s or its partner’s promotional materials or to use as part of the lessons. These images have no commercial or contractual value. If a student wishes that his or her image should not appear in any of the promotional or class-based material, they should specify this by email before arrival. If requested St Brelade’s College will stop using images at any time, in which case they will not be used in future promotions but may continue to appear in promotions already in circulation.

St Brelade’s College has a duty of care to children and young people attending the school and aims to ensure that staff, group leaders, accommodation providers and other suppliers help to keep them safe. Information regarding this can be found in our student safeguarding policy.

For more general information about taking a language course in the UK, please visit the English UK website.

The British Council has also created useful guides on making the most of the stay abroad.

    Parental consent form 2021

    I have read and understood the school policy regarding the provision of classes (2.1.).*

    I understand the requirements and expectations of the accommodation provider (3.).*

    Unsupervised time
    I have read and understood the school policy regarding the level of supervision (4.) provided. I give consent for my child to participate in the programme which may include unsupervised time as specified.*

    Student behaviour
    I have read and understood the school policy regarding student behaviour (5.) and I understand that failure to comply may result in my child’s expulsion. In the case that my child is expelled I understand that I may be liable to collect them from Jersey at my own expense.*

    Terms & conditions
    I confirm I have read and accepted all the general terms and conditions of the school listed above.*

    Emergency contact details

    Does the emergency contact speak English?*

    Health declaration

    If your child has a severe condition which could be life threatening e.g. a serious nut allergy you will not be able to complete the form and should contact the school office directly for advice.

    I confirm that he/she does not have any life threatening conditions.*

    Does he/she have a special diet? e.g. vegetarian, vegan, lactose intolerance*

    Has he/she been affected by or requires treatment for any of the following?

    Is there any reason why he/she should not take part in all the normal school sports and activities?*

    Can he/she swim 50 metres?*

    Is your child's Tetanus injection up to date?*

    Do you give us permission to give your son/daughter paracetamol if needed? *

    I agree that the medical information given is correct to the best of my knowledge (6.1.).*



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