English conversation classes online

English conversation classes online

Supplement your English learning with one of our conversation classes

One of the biggest challenges, when learning another language is being able to communicate confidently to native and non-native speakers. You may feel comfortable with your English grammar, reading and writing but feel your listening and speaking skills need improvement.

Our teacher-led conversation classes are designed with that in mind and are there to supplement your English studies. In a relaxed environment, teachers encourage discussion amongst the group by exploring relevant and current topics. By joining this language exchange, you can improve your fluency and achieve your language learning goals.


English lesson duration: 1 hour
>> Every Monday
>> From 31st August – 19th October 2020
>> 17:30-18:30 Central European Time / 16:30-17:30 British Summer Time
Minimum age: 18 years
Minimum level of English: Pre intermediate
Technology required: Internet access from a smart phone, tablet or laptop with audio/video capabilities. Students will be required to download the Zoom application to their device and will be provided with access details in an email before their class.
Course price: £10 for 1 lesson, £20 for 3 lessons (can be used at any time)

If you would like to join our English conversation classes, please complete our application form below.