British Council Centre of Excellence

British Council Centre of Excellence

British Council accreditation – we are now a Centre of Excellence!

In the summer of last year, we had our 4-yearly school inspection and we are pleased to announce that we passed our inspection with 9 areas of strength*. According to the EL Gazette ranking based on inspection reports, this now places St Brelade’s College in the top 100 accredited private English language schools in the UK.

Inspections are extremely thorough, with a review of fourteen areas (or fifteen for centres who enrol under 18s) relating to management, premises and resources, teaching & learning, welfare and student services and safeguarding under 18s. Inspectors review school documentation in the months leading up to the inspection then spend a further week onsite looking into all areas more thoroughly. They visited all of our centres and accommodation and interviewed staff and students.

The British Council accreditation carries with it an assurance of certain standards and these inspections ensure that accredited centres meet or exceed these. We feel proud to have such a strong team of staff and teachers who have helped us to earn this ranking.

* The average number of areas of strengths awarded to accredited centres in the UK was 5.5 in 2018.