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Rachel Genee & her family - Host of the Year

Once again, the time has come to choose our Host of The Year!

As always this is such a hard decision; as every single one of you, our amazing hosts, has been wonderfully accommodating and has made sure they have taken home fond memories of their time here this year!

Although all of you have been flexible, helping out last minute and being generally all round brilliant, we have to choose just one who has been a Super Star from beginning to end.

This year we have chosen Rachel Genee, who has been hosting since 2022 and it seems as though she has been non-stop since! Welcoming boys and girls from age 11 to 17 alongside her own young family, Rachel has had 15 busy weeks hosting this year, spending many weeks with 8 children in her household having fun!

Rachel’s hosting skills and experience have been invaluable this year on many occasions. She has gone above and beyond; helping out with more than one emergency placement, various student matters, juggling her own injured or unwell child while keeping students placed and always being flexible. Everyone at the school appreciates all her extra efforts to keep students happy.

Thank you to all our hosts for giving the students such a great experience when they are here, proven by the multiple repeat requests we have from them to stay with you! We hope to continue to work with you in 2024. Thank you so much from all at St Brelade’s College.

Rachel commented on her hosting experience:

I started hosting with St Brelade’s College in 2022. I started after seeing them advertising on Facebook looking for host families. At the time I was thinking of taking on a second job to make some extra money; being a single mother I was working month to month. Hosting students meant I could stay at home with my family rather than looking for evening or weekend work.

I have really enjoyed hosting; the extra income is nice but it’s been lovely meeting so many different students from around the world and finding out about them and their families. I have found them all to be helpful around the house, respectful and polite.

I was honoured and so pleased to hear I was Host of the Year and to know the students enjoyed staying in our home, joining our large family with my four children and parents living next door.

I have loved to see my own children welcoming the students, making friends with them and inviting them to play football and other games. Some still keep in touch with us now. My daughter always gets excited when she knows we are having female students to stay, having three brothers! My eldest son went to town for the first time without an adult with one of our older students on the bus which gave him so much confidence and independence.

I have always loved the idea of having a large family and having a house full so we have really enjoyed hosting.

I have found St Brelade’s College to be very supportive and if I have had any issues with students or had any questions I have felt happy to call and they have always been more than helpful. We look forward to hosting again next year.”



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