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We have thoroughly enjoyed reading the host & student feedback, emails and letters. The personal messages mean so much and show how hosts contribute so much to the student experience whilst away from home, as well as highlighting your kindness and support.

Host feedback

Thank you for recently leaving your feedback on our hosting survey. It sounds like you have all had a lot of fun with your students through the year.

Many hosts commented on how much they enjoyed family meal times, with it being a chance to get to know the students and discuss different topics, such as life in Jersey and abroad. It also allows hosts to put their culinary skills into practice and impress the students with some British favourites. Not to forget when students have cooked their own favourites for hosts. The simple things, such as board games and dog walks have played a big part in helping students to feel like part of the family. One host also commented that having students around encourages them to do more in the evenings which benefits the whole family. Having children around the house and watching them flourish has been a joy for many hosts. Thank you for sharing many special moments with the students!

As expected, hosts noted that the late and disrupted ferry services this year have complicated the student ‘meet and greet’. The 2024 springtime Condor sailings have been released though and we’re relieved to see that Sunday arrivals will be early evening once again. We’re awaiting the summer sailing schedule.

It was noted that students didn’t always join the evening and weekend activities this summer. We also noticed this, compared to 2022 when uptake was much greater. We had a strong team of activity staff, however the bad weather did put a dampener on many of the activities.

It seems the very young students have felt more homesickness this year which can be a challenge for hosts. With this in mind, we have decided to raise the minimum age to 12 years which should help to avoid this.

It’s refreshing to learn that on the whole, you have felt supported by the team and for those new to hosting, you found the sign-up process well-guided. We are here to support you so please feel free to contact us with any concern. Also we are glad to see that 97% of hosts would recommend hosting with us and only one host is choosing not host again next year.

Thank you once again for all the effort that you put into hosting. We hope to have you hosting again with us in 2024!

Student feedback

Students have sent through some heart-warming testimonials, which highlight the positive experiences they have had at home and at school.



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