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School group

Student numbers

Our school groups returned this year and it was great to have them back. We had 10 groups over from France, Belgium & Switzerland in the shoulder months, many having previously come to Jersey pre-Covid.

School groups will return early April next year so we will be in touch at the start of the year to see if you would like to host any of these groups.

Overall adult & junior numbers continue to rise steadily, as we recover from the events of the previous years.

Age ranges

We have reviewed the age ranges for our courses and have raised the minimum age to 12 years old. At this age, children seem to have more confidence and enjoy the experience away from home more.

Our semi-intensive course tends to be more suited to older, more mature students so during the summer, the course will be specifically for 16 & 17 year olds.

In order to keep the older, more mature students together, we have also made changes to study locations in the summer:

  • Highlands: All holiday course students (12-16 years). We will continue to run private school buses for the pre-teens (12 years) to take them to and from school.
  • St Brelade’s College: All juniors on the semi intensive course & intensive course (16 & 17 years) and all adults.

50+ course

Due to the popularity of our 50+ course, we have decided to add extra dates to the calendar for our 50+ course. We will now be running 2 week courses in May, June, August & September. If you would like to try hosting this age group, then please let us know.



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