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Testez votre anglais et découvrez votre niveau approximatif dès maintenant

Le test de grammaire anglaise suivant comprend 40 questions à choix multiples, et nous vous recommandons de prendre environ 15 minutes pour répondre à toutes les questions. Une fois que vous aurez terminé, vous découvrirez le résultat que vous avez obtenu, ainsi que votre niveau d’anglais approximatif.


1. I __ 30 years old.
2. We __ 2 brothers.
3. My father visited __ last week.
4. __ her favourite sport?
5. __ you live with your mother?
6. He´s my brother. He´s my parent´s __ .
7. Please turn __ the light.
8. The cafe is cheap but the restaurant is __ .
9. We __ to the theatre.
10. Where __ on holiday last summer?
11. My father is __ artist.
12. When I was in Wales I __ some old friends.
13. Do you have any sugar? I can't see __ .
14. She has __ companies 3 times this year.
15. I __ a doctor for 20 years.
16. If you feel ill, you __ go home.
17. I __ feel unhappy if we moved.
18. He was not home, so I __ again tomorrow.
19. We are __ a football match in the pub.
20. Men don't drive as carefully __ women.
21. I think you __ join us.
22. It __ as if it's going to rain in a while.
23. I __ a great time so far.
24. Do you think __ meet us at 5pm?
25. The prices of CDs online are different __ the prices in local shops.
26. Can you __ a holiday brochure at the travel agent for me?
27. Who __ the most pairs of shoes?
28. We waited in the waiting room for an hour and __ they called my name.
29. They were friends when they were young but don't __ any more.
30. She has been __ late a lot and is likely to get a bonus.
31. He had a smart suit on and was __-shaven.
32. We are taking a first aid kit on holiday, __ there is an accident.
33. The seller turned __ the offer on the house.
34. This time next week, we __ in a 5* hotel.
35. The tailor __ the trousers, as the waist was too large.
36. She __ her way up from tea girl to producer in just 4 years.
37. The worst thing __ the city is the rubbish.
38. Our visit to Jersey, was an __ experience, we hope to go back soon.
39. I have just been shopping, I hope my bank account is not __ .
40. My friend lost my book but she insisted __ buying me a new one.



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