A-Z games

Test your vocabulary with these A-Z games

A-Z games are a useful way to refresh your memory and build up you vocabulary on a particular topic. Try out the games below.

A-Z countries

Try finding a country for every letter in the alphabet.

Albania, Bangladesh, Canada, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Iran, Jamaica, Kenya, Laos, Macedonia, Nigeria, Oman, Panama, Qatar, Russian Federation, Slovenia, Taiwan, Uganda, Vienna, Yemen, Zimbabwe

A-Z animals

Try finding an animal for every letter in the alphabet.

Alligator, bat, caterpillar, deer, eagle, fox, giraffe, hamster, iguana, jellyfish, koala, lizard, meerkat, newt, octopus, parrot, quail, rabbit, seal, tiger, umbrellabird, vulture, wasp, X-ray tetra, yak, zebra

A-Z fruit & vegetables

Try finding a fruit or vegetable for every letter in the alphabet.

Apple, broccoli, cabbage, date, elderberry, fig, grape, honeydew melon, iceberg lettuce, jalapeno, kiwi, lemon, melon, nectarine, onion, peach, quince, rhubarb, strawberry, tomatoes, ugli, vanilla, watermelon, yam, zucchini