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Testen Sie Ihr Englisch, und erfahren Sie jetzt Ihr ungefähres Level!

Der folgende Englisch-Grammatik-Test umfasst 40 Multiple-Choice-Fragen. Sie sollten alle Fragen innerhalb von 15 Minuten beantwortet haben. Sobald Sie den Test beendet haben, erfahren Sie, wie viele Fragen Sie richtig beantwortet haben, und erhalten eine ungefähre Einschätzung Ihres Englisch-Levels.


1. How __ are you?
2. Are you German?
3. What kind of food do you like best?
4. __ are your hobbies?
5. Look at that __
6. Africa is hotter __ Europe.
7. I __ like tea.
8. I am going to Paris __ .
9. Look at that boat __ .
10. __ people were at the party?
11. We __ a TV programme about nature.
12. We have some oranges but we don’t have __ apples.
13. What time __ arrive at work?
14. He __ return from school at around 4pm.
15. Next weekend, I hope __ a new car.
16. August is usually the __ month in Jersey.
17. I haven’t been to the shop __ .
18. He was __ fall asleep when the phone rang.
19. When I lived in Florence, I __ visiting the galleries.
20. Tokyo is __ a big place, it’s easy to get lost.
21. If we __ start caring more about the planet, it will become very polluted.
22. The friends gave __ presents for Christmas.
23. I must congratulate you __ your success.
24. The __ interesting part of the training session was the group exercises.
25. I wish I __ go travelling around the world.
26. I __ lived in the same house my whole life.
27. We are about to __ for work.
28. By the end of this week, they __ visited the main sights of San Francisco.
29. I’ll never forget __ her for the first time.
30. I’d __ to help with the translation, if my German was better.
31. I'd __ this whole thing had never happened.
32. He’s __ working at night so he sometimes falls asleep.
33. She bought the diamond necklace. She __ bought the ring.
34. If you hurry, you __ still catch the bus.
35. She made an arrangement with her employer __ she worked flexible hours.
36. __ working through the night, she completed her dissertation on time.
37. I acquired a strong French accent, __ I was on holiday in the south of France.
38. "What happened to your finger?" "I __ when I was chopping tomatoes."
39. If I __ had enough money, I would have gone to Australia.
40. Katie looked very tired because she __ the trombone for so long.


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