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  • Please let your student know the pick-up time & show them where they should wait.
  • Help them write down the name of their bus stop – this will help them with afternoon returns.
  • Please only use the designated bus stops agreed by the school – every seat is accounted for! If you’d like to change your bus stop, please contact the school.
  • Watches vary! Students should arrive 5 minutes early.
  • Tell them to wait even if the bus is late.

Dates: 11th – 13th June 2024

Bus stop (Tantivy bus 1)Time
Seymour Inn South stop08:00
Le Mare slip West08:15
La Dicq Shack (Beach Rd West)08:20
Beachside Residence08:25
Green Street La Collette flats08:28
Monterey hotel (Hotel De France N)08:35
St Brelades College08:55
Bus stop (Tantivy bus 2)Time
Beachside Residence08:10
First Tower West bus stop08:25
Millbrook West bus stop08:30
Don Bridge Red Houses08:40
Rose farm bus stop08:50
St Brelades College08:55
Bus stop (SBC minibus)Time
Ville Emphrie (opp wooden bus stop)08:00
St Lawrence Church (main bus stop)08:05
Rue Du Cerf West (honesty box verge)08:15
Clos Arsenal St Marys Village (layby outside the estate)08:20
St Peter’s Village (main Bus Stop Opposite George Carteret pub)08:30
Le Clos Orange (Les Creux estate entrance)08:50
St Brelades College08:55


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