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Medical details of junior students required prior to arrival

Before your enrolment is complete, we need to receive the below medical details for all junior students taking part on an English course. Please complete before their arrival in Jersey.

* Indicates required fields

Emergency contact details

Does the emergency contact speak English?*

General health

Has he/she been affected by or requires treatment for any of the following?*

Is there any reason why he/she should not take part in all the normal school sports and activities?*

Can he/she swim 50 metres?*

Is your child's Tetanus injection up to date?*

Do you give us permission to give your son/daughter paracetamol if needed? *

Health declaration

I agree that the information given is correct to the best of my knowledge. The school reserves the right to refuse any student found to have a medical condition that has not been declared. See medical terms*

I have read and understood our general Terms & Conditions and give consent to allow unsupervised time as specified.