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Apply to become a homestay provider today with St Brelade’s College

Step 1: Please complete the application form if you wish to become a host and offer a temporary home to St Brelade’s College international students. We will contact you shortly to arrange to visit you at home.

Step 2: Once you have submitted the application, you will also need to download and complete the personal reference form. If you are an existing host, you are not required to redo this.

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Your details

Your partner (if applicable)

Your children (if applicable)

Names / DOB / gender / whether they are living at home

Other occupants (if applicable)

Names / DOB / gender / nationality / occupation / relationship to you

Please note: Children or other occupants aged 18 or over living in your household will also be subject to background checks.

Your home

Do you have any pets?*

Are you smokers?*

Please note: You are obliged to smoke outside when hosting students.

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Do you own your home?*

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If you are an existing homestay provider, do you require any of the following materials posting to you?

Hosting preferences

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Gender you would prefer to host?*

Would you be prepared to provide for special diets?

When you would like to host*

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Do you hold a valid Enhanced DBS Disclosure (Disclosure & Barring Service) certificate and are registered on the update renewal service?*

I/We agree to abide by the English UK code of practice for providers of homestay accommodation for international students.
I/We agree to abide by the homestay duties & guidelines outlined in St Brelade's College homestay handbook.
I/We agree to work exclusively with St Brelade's College.*

I (main carer) agree to abide by Children (Jersey) Law 2002 and confirm that no occupant of my house has, or has ever had a police record that would render me/us unfit to be in contact with students and have never had a child removed from our care.
I (main carer) confirm that any visiting guests to my/our home will be supervised when in my/our home and will not have unsupervised contact with students under the age of 18 years.

I/We agree to follow the code(s) of conduct outlined in the St Brelade’s College safeguarding policy.

References & background checks

It is essential that we screen potential hosts on behalf of the children's families who live overseas, for the children we represent and for the general good of everyone involved in hosting children. You can be assured that all information collected and given will be treated in the strictest confidence. These checks consist of:
• All members of your household aged 18 years or above undergoing an Enhanced DBS check (Disclosure & Barring Service). If you currently hold one, we can accept this as long as we are able to view the original certificate, it is within 3 months of date and/or it is registered on the update renewal service. If not, we will carry out a check for you free of charge (we will take from you a retaining fee of £50 in the form of a cheque & if you host for a minimum of 5 weeks in the year, this won’t be cashed); you will then be obliged to register it on the update renewal service at a cost of £13 per year in order to keep your certificate valid.
• You providing character references. Complete two personal reference check forms per household, if hosting under 18 years and one form, if hosting 18 years or above. If you are already an existing host who is reapplying to host for the coming year, you are not required to redo these. Your character referees can be close friends, neighbours, employers or professionals (NOT relatives) who you have known for at least 12 months, who will support your application as a suitable host that is able to provide suitable accommodation and supervision to an overseas student.


The following people are NOT allowed to accommodate children: